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The Pro Basketball League will organise a show on Wednesday the 22nd of May in cooperation with their media partners Het Nieuwsblad, La Dernière Heure & DB Video. The show will honour and celebrate the best players of both the EuroMillions Basketball League (=EMBL) and the Belgian Top Division Women (=TDW).  

This celebration of Belgian basketball will take place at AED Studios in Lint (Antwerp). Other than a great show there will also be an “invite only” reception & walking dinner. Doors for the public open at 20h00. Fans will be able to see the show and enjoy an after drink. 


Last year the award show took place for the first time in eight years. From 2006 until 2010 Carré in Willebroek was the scene for this event. Despite the show's absence these last few years, our media partners continued to elect the best players in Belgian basketball in the arena of the honoured player.

The "Player of the Year" is the second longest-running sports trophy, celebrating its sixtieth birthday this year. Roel Moors earned "Player of the Year" honours four times(2003, 2004, 2011 and 2013) and also won "Coach of the Year" in 2016. The women's record holder for this award is Nele Deyaert. She was named "Player of the Year" three times in a row (in 2007, 2008 and 2009) and a first time in 1999. Emma Meesseman won "Rising Star" (most promising youngster) in 2010 and went on to win "Player of the Year" twice in 2011 and 2012. Most successful coach in Top Division Women has without a doubt been the late Marc Foucart, who won "Coach of the Year" eight times. The ultimate record holder of the "Player of the Year" title is Rik Samaey. He was named best Belgian player in our topflight men's competition nine consecutive times from 1981 until 1989 and one more in 1994.

This year the Pro Basketball League will search for the next Jean Salumu, Thomas Akyazili, Dario Gjergja, Renaud Geller, Celeste Trahan-Davis, Laure Resimont, Billie Massey, Philip Mestdagh, Kris Jacobs and Lucien Van Kersschaever. 

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  • 18h00: welcome & reception invite only
  • 18h30: walking dinner invite only
  • 20h00: doors open for public
  • 20h30: show
  • 21h30: afterdrink

AED Studios

Studio 16
Fabriekstraat 38
2547 Lint

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Underneath are the individual categories. Two awards are handed out in each category, one for the EuroMillions Basketball League (EMBL = men) and one for the Top Division Women (TDW). In addition an overall Lifetime Achievement Award will also be handed out.

The jury consists of: coaches, specialised press, general and sports managers and team captains from both the EuroMillions Basketball League and Top Division Women clubs. Furthermore ex-winners, federation and Pro Basketball League members will also be casting their votes.

On Wednesday 8 May three nominees per category will be announced. Be sure to keep tabs on this page!

Most Valuable Player

The most valuable player of the season. This is a player that stands out in his/her competition. The men's MVP is determined through a combination of jury points and Het Nieuwsblad’s “Star of the Coaches” poll (= after every game all EMBL coaches mark their top 3 players for that particular game). The women’s MVP award is determined by jury voting.

Player of the year

This award is handed out to the best Belgian player in the EMBL or TDW. For the EMBL as well as for TDW jury points determine the winner.

Rising Star (U22)

All Belgian players born in the year 1998 and later can win this award. A player can win this award only once in his/her career and is handed out to the best young prospect in the EMBL and TDW. For the EMBL as well as for TDW jury points determine the winner.

Coach of the year

All 10 EMBL head coaches and all 12 TDW head coaches can win this award. Which coach has the best x’s and o’s at the right time to lead his team to victory? For the EMBL as well as for TDW jury points determine the winner.

Referee of the year

Every referee is eligible to win this award. Which EMBL and TDW referee made the right calls and kept a cool head in all circumstances despite the enormous pressure?

Lifetime Achievement

Starting this year a lifetime achievement award will be granted yearly to a true icon in Belgian basketball history. This person will have earned it thanks to his or her exceptional role in basketball on as well as off the court. It can be handed out to a player, a coach, a board member…

1st Team and 2nd Team

Two decisive components will determine the all offensive and all defensive teams of the EMBL and TDW. First of all fans will be able to vote for their own all defensive and all offensive teams (EMBL and/or TDW) once a day starting 27/04. The jury will also select their picks for both EMBL and TDW.


The fan voting + jury voting will result in one all offensive and one all defensive team for both EuroMillions Basketball League and the Top Division Women.